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Contemporary Romance - From My Balcony by author Patricia Bond

From My Balcony

(Contemporary Romance)

From the Heart Romance Writers' Pages From the Heart Contest 2nd Place Winner for Contemporary Long Romance 2017.

Las Vegas Romance Writers' I Heart Indie Finalist for Contemporary Romance 2018.

Do you want to live your life or hide from it?

Diana knew she  lied to her best friend when she said she wanted to live it. Oh, how  desperately she wanted to hide! Hide from her husband’s betrayals, hide  from the blame and guilt heaped on her by her younger daughter’s refusal  to accept the divorce, hide from the pity, the questions, the snarky  innuendos from her “friends.” Most of all, hide from herself and her  failures. Her family accepted her need to “find herself,” and this  apartment in the south of France was perfect with its balcony and view  of the sea and town. Low enough to be able to watch life happen below  her, high enough to not participate in any of it. Now if only the gentle  people of Cassis would let her do that.

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Arms of an Angel is a romance novella for sale by Patricia Bond

Arms of an Angel

(Romance Novella)

A rogue wave on the Great Lakes brings together two unlikely people who are each searching for more from life.

Even after her husband’s suicide, Corinne Woodward remains faithful to him while single-handedly manning the lighthouse on the lake. But the lonely young widow longs to be loved again and decides to join her deceased spouse to prove she is his love for all eternity. Her plan goes awry the night she must rescue the sole survivor of a shipwreck. A war between fidelity and attraction rages inside her, with her heart as the prize.

Stephen Thompson is living the perfect life, or so he thinks. He captains a Great Lakes ship, romancing a different girl in every port, but can never quite bring himself to stay the night with any one of them. A rogue wave capsizes his ship, the Lady Luna, taking his entire crew, and leaving him lost at sea in more ways than one. His saving angel comes in the guise of the widow who keeps him from drowning. Her fidelity to her late husband is touching, and reveals to him what is missing in his life. He’s finally found the one woman who can make him stay the night, every night. All he has to do is battle a ghost for her love. 

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Building a Christmas is an award winning holiday romance novella by Patricia Bond

Building a Christmas

(Holiday Romance Novella)

Uncaged Book Review's Raven Award Winner for Best Holiday Romance 2018!

Colonel Nathaniel Walker has been ravaged by the Civil War nearly as much as his country has. Now he seeks the sanctuary of home, hoping to find solace from the dreams that haunt him most nights. Instead, he finds an orphanage for war orphans has sprung up next door. Now, his guilt has faces – fourteen of them. And the woman who cares for them. Melanie Treymont exhibits more courage under fire than any soldier he’s ever seen. Is she the one who can help him rebuild his life and finally put his demons to rest?

Melanie Treymont hopes to make amends for her dead husband’s actions by taking responsibility for fourteen war orphans. But facing eviction, she may have to give up her plans of building a life for them. Help comes from an unexpected source, as her neighbor, Colonel Nathaniel Walker, steps up to the challenge, despite fighting his own inner battles.

These two tortured souls unite for the children, working to build a life for them as well as themselves. They start by Building a Christmas.

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By Love's Honor Bound is a romance novel by Patricia Bond

By Love's Honor Bound

(Romance Novel)

Olivia June Mathieson has a cellar full of runaway slaves and is looking for the next conductor on the Underground Railroad.

Fenton Pierce-Smythe has lost both fiancee and grandfather in an accident caused by a runaway. Determined that no one else will suffer the pain of such a loss, he hunts runaways to return them to their "rightful" owners.

Two people, their philosophies on a collision course, are caught up in an unexpected passion. The question is, how can their love survive?

Click here for an excerpt of Chapter 1.

** This title is temporarily out of stock. It will be available for purchase again soon. **