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Interview: Patricia Bond, author of ‘From My Balcony’

Book cover of "From My Balcony" by Patricia Bond.

[excerpt from USA Today Life's "Happy Ever After" article]

By: | June 13, 2018  

Joyce: Welcome to HEA, Patricia! Tell us a bit about your new release, From My Balcony.

Patricia: From My Balcony is my first women’s fiction/contemporary romance for the mature reader.

The last straw for Diana Benson was finding her husband in their bed  with a woman less than half her age. Not only did it destroy her  marriage, it shattered her faith in her judgment, her self-esteem, her  sense of herself as a woman. Why wasn’t she enough? And who is she now?

Not Jack’s wife. Her grown children don’t need to be mothered any  longer. She doesn’t even have — or wanted to have — the house she’d  lived in. Not after SHE had been there, in her bed.

Wounded and scared, the prospect of hiding from more hurt, from life  and her failures, to hide from herself, calls to her. She’ll give  herself a year away in France to hide and see what happens.

What happens are the gentle people who live in Cassis.

Joyce: What inspires your book ideas?

Patricia: In the case of From My Balcony, it was the town of Cassis itself. I had the pleasure of visiting it some years ago and was struck ... [read more]


Interview: Awesome Romance Author Patricia Bond

Book cover of "By Love's Honor Bound" by Patricia Bond

[excerpt from "Zara West Romance" article]

By: zara west | May 10, 2017

~ The Ideas Come Spinning ~

Awesome romance author Patricia Bond got into writing romance by starting backwards. And you won’t believe all the ideas she has for stories!

Meet Patricia…

Is there an event that affected you as a writer?

You know, I’d wanted to write for as long  as I could remember, I just never knew what. I tried writing a mystery, but I couldn’t plot my way out of a paper bag, much less figure out whodunit. Then my mom had to have surgery that did not go well. She wound up in intensive care for over six weeks and the hospital asked us  to keep someone there 24/7 because things were so precarious. My sister gave me a Shirlee Busbee book to read to pass the time. Then I found Jennifer Blake. I was hooked. Romance novels helped me through the grieving process when mom passed, and after I’d read a few dozen of them I thought “I can do this.”

But, it was a workshop sponsored by a  local department store that really lit the fire. At the end of it, they announced a contest ... [read more]